Sheet metal bending is an industrial technique which consists of folding the material along straight lines. The machine used (press brake) is made up of a V-shaped die and a punch.

Beyond our large-dimension laser cutting capacities, we also provide long-length bending services. This can be done on the metal of your choosing: be it aluminium, stainless steel sheet metal, steel sheet metal, or wear-resistant steel.

Our experience and skill can meet all your diverse requirements.

Thin and thick-section bending: steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel, aluminium, long lengths of wear-resistant steel.

Our mastery of bending, shearing, laser, plasma or oxycutting gives us the skill and functionality needed to carry out any project you might require, even the most complex.


With our production experience and adapted tools we can produce all your metal construction projects: troughs, strips, conduits, gutters, U, V or Z profiles, sliders, omegas, industrial sheet metalwork, special shapes, as well as other fields; sheet piling, industrial bodywork side panels, bespoke shoring and trenching, chassis, trailer front and side panels, specialised parts for agricultural equipment, boiler making parts.

All our presses are integral parts of a standardised process. Tools are easily interchangeable, which ensures that our production is always on par with your demands in terms of flexibility and performance. As such, top quality is always our starting point.

We give you the option of having these parts delivered in all sizes, large developments, maximum length and thin or thick sections, whatever their nature, with or without hot-dip galvanising or surface treatments.

We can also provide inspection reports, specific ratings statements and 3D stamping of parts.

All our prices include free delivery to your workshop or job site, ready for assembly and installation.

Our Capacities:

Strengths: 500/700//1000/1200 tonnes Max length 16,000mm. Many average (1,000 to 6,000mm) and long (7,000 to 16,000mm) presses. Multiple and adaptable tools, allowing for the completion of all your projects, big or small.

Our Commitments:

To satisfy the client with our quality, attentiveness, service, reactiveness, innovation, technique, pragmatism, and versatility.

To seek both economic and technical excellence, in order to maintain durability.

To respect others, be they clients, partners, suppliers or competitors.