HD Plasma Cutting

We offer several high definition plasma cutting tables. With this cutting method we guarantee reliability and savings on execution.

Cutting tables are equipped with a new-generation 5-axis head for stud free sheet metal chamfering and extremely high-precision digitally controlled cutting and stamping of parts according to a plan or annotation provided by the client

Cleanliness, Speedy Execution and Performance are the key words .
Cutting thickness up to 35mm. We have several 30m x 5.4m cutting tables. Our high bending capacity is perfect for carrying out these tasks.

Beyond these high-performance cutting tasks, we offer long-length bending up to 16 metres and sheet metal rolling. We can therefore carry out all your industrial bodywork, metal construction, decking for bridges and walkways, artwork, railway, naval, building, process engineering, sheet metal working and industrial boiler making projects.

We focus on the quality and traceability of the parts produced, thanks to our internal software. Each part is identified and packaged according to the client’s specific needs.

Perfectly suited to a wide variety of applications, these high-performance cutting tools allow us to meet your most stringent requirements.