Steel Distribution

Services to suit your needs

Lidermetal operates in many economic sectors: construction, public works, industry, energy, shipbuilding, and agriculture.

Our steels, stainless steel and aluminium are welded, polished, and mounted in workshops, factories and building sites throughout metropolitan France, French overseas Departments and Territories and Belgium.

Lidermetal is always equipped to fulfil the needs of a diverse clientele, be they SMEs, large companies, locksmiths, metal fabricators, pipe fitters, boilermakers, manufacturers, specialised distributors, metal-based construction or public works companies.

We can provide unwinding services for thicknesses of 0.5 to 25mm, Steel plate construction from 10mm up to 200mm.

We also have Quarto-type imported or European black steel plates.
Steel for General Construction:

S235JR S275JR S275JO S275J2
S355JR S355JO S355J2 S355K2 A283ºC

Steel for naval construction:

Naval grade A, B, D, E AH32
DH32 EH32 AH36 DH36 EH36

Boiler and pressure vessel steel:

P235GH P265GH P295GH P355GH P275N
P275NH P275NL1 P275NL2 P355N P355NH
P355NL1 P355NL2 P460N P460NH P460NL1
P460NL2 A285ºC A516º60 A516º70 HII

Wear-resistant steel:

Plaque 400 HB
Atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel plates:

Weldable fine grain structural steel:

S275N S275NL S355N S355NL
S420N S420NL S460N S460NL

Thermomechanical steel rolling:

S275M S275ML S355M S355ML
S420M S420ML S460M S460ML
Plaque épaisseur 5 jusqu´à 450 mm,
de 2000 à 3000 mm de large.

In the following qualities:

  • Hot-rolled DKP and Black 235JR, 275JR, 275JO, 355j2+N, 355K2, (HSS S355MC/J2+N , S500MC, S700MC) unwinding up to 2500 mm wide.
  • Cold-rolled up to 2000 mm wide
  • Galvanised
  • Wear-resistant
  • Certificate 2.2 and 3.1
  • Also European origin with NF-rated metalwork
  • We can also provide lists of 1st choice surplus slabs, to be rolled to your specifications.